XXV aprile 42, 97100 Ragusa

About Us

Our mission is to make Ibla flourish again

Antica Ibla
Centro Commerciale Naturale

The Centro Commerciale Naturale Antica Ibla is a response to the need of the associated businesses to equip themselves with an instrument of common action, in order to better enhance the neighborhood where we operate. We have believed and we strongly believe that establishing a natural shopping center also means rediscovering the pride of belonging to a place rich in history and humanity.

Convinced of the fact that the liveliness of neighborhood businesses is fundamental for the quality of life of all citizens, we have decided to make our skills available with the aim of offering better services, creating proposals for the regeneration of the neighborhood, contributing in our small way to counteract the progressive dehumanization and abandonment of the historic part of the city. The project is currently supported by 90 companies whose activities insist in the baroque district of Ragusa Ibla.Translated with (free version)